Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Welcome 2014!!!

Horse Year ----- A year of strength, speed (not dilly dally) n running n running for the best ! Lalalalala 
Does the gal in the pic look like me? Muhahaha ! Of coz not , I wish to , wish to look that young ! 
Went for a new hair cut at Jerico hair salon at bugis junction yesterday ! Going to start 2014 w vigor n not lazing around on bed !! New year resolution --- bring out the best in all I do !  Lot of plans n projects in my head n hope all will be accomplished ! 
Below is my prayer for 2014! 
Keeping all my friends n customers in prayer for good health ! Health is the most important of All in life ! 
Be blessed everyone ! 

Lots of love , 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Thank u for all the feedbacks n presents

Happy when customers sent me feedbacks after my Christmas flea :)
I love reading letters too :) thank u yuqi for ur support:)
Thank u SiEn for ur gift too :) 
Really love this floral headband n dream catcher dustcap made by Himnae blogshopp ! 
This dream catcher by my customer is lovely too ! 
Thank u for all the gifts :) hehe! I upload a video on my YouTube channel - lovely Items to thank everyone !

Once again thank u for ur support ! Thank u for coming down to my Christmas fleas :) 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Random picked winners for Christmas

Hello friends , Christmas is over !! :(( but here I had randomly picked four winners to bless them ! Thank them for their voluntary writeup/ reviews / shoutouts! 

Below  are the four winners ! Kindly contact me w ur address ! I am sending something to thank u ! 

Lalalalala :))) 

Thank u for supporting my Xmas fleas

Hi friends , 
Time flies ! Really flies ! Another 6 more days n 2013 will end ! 
I m anticipating for 2014! Is good to have something to look forward to:) 
Two things I m looking forward are my cny fleas in January n a course that is going to start in February --- my filming course w Jteam production! When I start my course , I won't be able to have any flea until June ! I think I will be v busy ! So don't miss my cny fleas which will fall on 
Third week of January :)almost  everything I sell at the flea will be new :)

Attached are the photos taken during my Xmas fleas:)
More photos to be uploaded:) 
Anyway, i wish to know the winners' name but I really have difficulty remembering all:) 
Thank u to all for coming down once again:) 🎅🎄🎁

Monday, 23 December 2013

"Quote your price" FLea at Scape 24 December 2013

Hi friends , 
So what is "quote your own price" means to u ? Muhahaha
Well for the flea tmr , for example something captures ur eyes , and u want it right ? U come to me w a price , if I agree to it , u can have it ! 
So everything for tmr will be quote your own price ! 
Plenty plenty plenty of stuffs :
Floral bralet , floral tops , crop tops,
All types of plushies ,
Pullovers, dresses, key chains 
My little pony wallets 
Hello kitty tops 
Heart shaped sling bag in many colours , 
Many diff types of backpacks 
All for u to buy n give me a price , if I say no to the price of particular item u quote , the thing will be put back on the rack or table ! Alright ? 
So come down n get ur favourite items at ur desired price ! Don't miss tmr flea !!! 

Lalalalala be blessed n have a great Xmas ! 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Sneak peek three for 21 dec Xmas flea

$12 for the pink off shoulder top
12 dollars! 

 in diff colours ! Hello kitty pullover! 
$15 !
$10 each comes in five diff colours 
$11 (front view ) for this hello kitty tee ! Come in five diff colours 
Hope to see u there tmr at scape unit number # 02-27!! 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Sneak peek two

Top comes in paddlepop orange , pink , blue etc at $12! 

Paddlepop Top at $15! 
Little pony pullover comes in white , blue , pink, black  at $13 w a free my little pony waterproof sticker!
Paddlepop dress at $18 at my Christmas flea ! Ribbon at the  end of the sleeve! 
Comes in pink n also in blue! The ones shelia is wearing is pink paddlepop dress :) 

Thank u Shelia Tan for all these pretty pics for me ! 
These floral headbands are really pretty ! $6 at my flea n $8 online 
 Don't miss the paddlepop sale at my Christmas flea this sat n Sunday 21,22 dec :)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sneak peek one --- specs/shades

And many more ! Come down this sat to scape unit number 02-27 to support me for my Christmas flea ! 

Velle :)🎅🎄😍