Thursday, 9 January 2014

Man hunt --- lovelyitems male clothings

Searching high n low for a male model ! If u have read my blog earlier , I actually found one but was rejected instantly ! Haiz :( I have never been rejected before when I ask someone to model! Pay him he also doesn't want leh! :( omg omg ! 
Well, I am searching for someone who looks like a Korean , blonde hair preferred ! Someone who looks like the one below! Muahhaha ! My idol actually :) lalalala
Muhahaha ! Do u have the looks ? Write in to ! 

Owner of lovelyitems

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Advertorial for VeeApparels

The owner of VeeApparels on Instagram is a young lady named Veronica . You can check her out on instagram---Veeadorable. Don't worry that she will scam or anything. As u know, i don't anyhow do advertorial for anyone too..  So rest assured . She is my regular customer who bought  a few items such as fluffy unicorn from me before. Let's see what are the items she is selling. 

I personally love the curved out skater dress myself. Hopefully when i lose some weight, i will get one from her. Why not get one for CNY wear??

VeeApparels is selling the latest in stocks live journals loots at pocket friendly prices and also having converse, Vans and new Balance preorder which the preorder will end on 10th of January.
So add/follow  VeeApparels on Instagram to see more pictures of the items they sell.
U can quote Lovely Items to get free normal mail.
Check them out!!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Disappointment today at TonkiChi restaurant

Went to meet Jean kuah today at orchard central for a meal at Tonkichi restaurant ! 

Lalalala ! Of coz I ate my Katsu curry again ! Forgot to take pic for that ! Too hungry :) we chatted n ate at the same time ! Is fun chatting about our biz etc! Then someone caught our eyes ----- a tall handsome waiter ! He is really kool leh ! V young chap ! Suddenly an idea struck me ..... U know right I have been looking for a male model for a very long time :( I wanna sell male apparels too ! Unfortunately I see no one w the potential that can bring out the best in  my male clothings !  Sob ! But today I really found one leh ! Aiyo , I asked him on the spot :) hahahha so brave right ? Coz I don't want to miss the opportunity ! He got the smile n the look leh ... Lady Luck wasn't on my side leh , he rejected my offer u know :(  :( ! Haiz so sad ! I have never been rejected when I approached someone to model my clothings before ! This is the first time :) he said he lacked  of confidence n said he was ugly ! Trust me he is not ugly ! Hmm , I should have taken a pic of him secretly n show u here hahaha ! Muahhahahaha ! 

I do hope he could change his mind one day n give me a message again :) 

May a miracle take place when I am back from my trip next week ! 

Believe n Receive ! Hahahhaa