Monday, 24 February 2014

Winners for YouTube giveaways

Here are the 20 winners for my YouTube giveaway ! U get a mysterious wallet ! Kindly whatsapp me to collect them at yishun mrt or at my next flea ! If by postage , need to transfer one dollars for postage fee ! 

Thank u for subscribing to my channel ! N thank u for supporting my biz too :) 
Stay tune for my next giveaway ! 


Friday, 14 February 2014

Shoes preorder batch one

To order , whatsapp 93255386 the shoes u want n the size ! Make payment by 16 February for this batch preorder ! Arrive on first week of march ! 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Winners for giveaways for february

Winners for bb cream giveaway are 34,7 n 40.
Winners for floral crown are 63, 27, 16, 48, 32, 13, 21, 30, 33, 56

Contact me for collection of giveaways. Venue for collection is at yishun mrt. Postage top up one dollars. 

Thank u

Giveaways for floral crowns

A number represents u ! So I am going to use random generator to see who will be the top ten winners okay? 
I miss out number 44, but is fine , I will not key in 44 in the random generator ! Results will be out tonight ! 
Stay tune ! Kindly collect ur prize at yishun mrt becoz send by postage may spoil the floral/ flowers 

Thank u for participating ! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

U have a number to represent u for the giveaways

U are given a number to represent u for the bb cream giveaways ! 
Results will be announced at 12 am 10 February ! Stay tune ! 

I will key in number one to number 61 in the random generator !the generator will decide the results !  The first three numbers on the top win a bb cream ! Stay tune for the results !

Friday, 7 February 2014

Neo prints

One of my favourite things I love to do is taking neo prints years back !
Lalalalala ! 


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Chat w Steven Lim at yishun northpojnt

So I ran into Steven lim today ! I was heading home after sending out my customers' parcels ! He came up to me n say " hello ...... Blar blah blah ," n asked me if I know him ! So I replied" Steven lim issit ? " I wasn't v certain but I remembered that my pupils had shown me his pics before ! Some said he was funny n some do not really like him ! 
Well, honestly his real person looks much better than those in the YouTube videos! 
N he is friendly ! Well I don't really know his background actually but my initial impression of him was, he is mad, attention seeker ! 

When I reached home , I went to Steven lim YouTube to see his videos! Hmm I don't like them ! Kinda crazy !Sorry as u know I am v straightforward , as I told u guys , I always call a spade a spade ( u know this idiom right ?) I saw so many people giving negative comments about him on the YouTube  ! Felt sad for him lor ! But in real life he is fine leh ! Humorous n not disgusting as what is portrayed in the videos ! Really ! V different ! 
Honestly if he dressed himself up , n do better videos , he should be liked by many! He has potentials n he can do something better than those videos ! He should go for a makeover hahahhahaa! Well those are my opinions ! As for me , I won't watch those videos on YouTube leh ! But all the best to him ! He should be complimented for his ability to stay strong even when someone dropped negative comments on his video or Facebook ! 

Muhahahahhaa ! Good nitez , going to sleep! Is 2am  now! 

Saturday, 1 February 2014


I guess many are having a great time celebrating CNY! Well , here I am at home crying ! The feeling of missing someone can kill sometimes ! I MISS my mummy ! I have been crying this cny for my mummy n also for another reason which I cannot pen down here ! Well is okay to cry actually ! God said we are allowed to mourn or cry ! He said " Blessed are those who mourn , for they will be comforted !" So is fine to cry becoz human has feelings ! But I won't cry for months like that ! Once in a while we can cry out heart out but we cannot allowed sadness to hinder us from moving forward ! I know i have a good future, I need to work toward that ! We are only On Earth on a transit ! My mummy n daddy are in Heavens n I will also join them one day ! I am assured n confident of that ! 

For ur info , my greatest fear in life is DeaTh! When I was little , I sometimes will cry in the night worrying of my parents , worried that they will be taken away one day ! I was also afraid of a lot of things ! Worried of darkness too ! Once I lived in a house ( Shaughnessy in yishun) , whenever I were back at ten in the night , I won't dare to go to the basement ! Becoz in my mind , baSement is a place to bury the dead ! So my mind will imagine all types of demon heads ! I will switch on all the lights ! But not for now , I overcome all FEARs in my life After I know who Jesus is ! He is my Saviour ! I no longer afraid of anything ! I used to have fear of water , really phobia u know ! And heights n haunted house in theme park too! All fears have gone after I received Jesus Christ into my life ! I cannot stop praising Him ! 

Thanks to a lot of my customers who are there to cheer me up when I am sad ! I am so blessed !