Monday, 30 June 2014

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Below are some of the stuffs she sells on her website -- 
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

28june launch

$17 each ! 
Many colour ful cat top at $11 ! 

Hello kitty top $12! ( Ptp - 47cm n down 53cm )

Fringed kimono at $18.50

Come in white n maroon -- $10 ( Ptp --37cm n down 58cm )
Cat top at $12 ! Ptp---44cm n down 56cm ) 
Dress at $13
White floral  translucent pullover at $13! 
Floral outerwear at $18.50 
Top at $12! Ptp 41 n down 38 cm ! 

Grey Long skirt at $12.50
(Across--37cm , down 69cm
Come in black too! Left one piece of black (  --35cm across) 
Paddlepop mesh top at $13.50
Outerwear at $13 ( come in white n black ) 
White mesh skirt at $14
Whole set at $14! recommend this whole set for people who is below 158cm tall ! 
Model- locklovez ( Jolene ) 

Floral top at $13( Ptp--- 51cm n down is 69cm)
Chill vibes at $13( come in black n white , Ptp 42cm n down 62cm 

Garfield top at $11! Ptp --53cm n down 46cm )
Floral romper at $16
Local top at $15
Local top at $15

Floral top at $10( Ptp-52cm n down 62cm down ) 
A top at $13( Ptp 46cm n down 69cm) 
Long dress at $14) down 98cm n Ptp is 51cm) 
Hello kitty top at $13.50(Ptp 67cm) this hello kitty top is v nice )
Skirt at $12.50
Whole set at $15( separate wear )
Floral mesh top at $13(Ptp --

Floral outwear at $14( nice piece)
Whole set for $16( skirt n top) ( Ptp-37cm n down 52.5cm for top , and skirt --- 26cm across stretchable to 30cm n 67cm down )
Off shoulder floral top at $12.50
Always blessing at $12( 47cm n down 68cm )
95 top at $13( Ptp 48cm n down 43cm) 
Tinklebell top in white at $14
You who came from the star choker at $10

For every 25 dollars spent, you will get a pony envelope  wallet .For every $40 spent , u get a free inspired LV wallet ! Postage is not included ! Kindly pay for postage if you cannot meet up ! 

Bracelet one --- $4.50
Bracelet two ---$4.50
Bracelet three ----$4.50
Bracelet four ---- $4.50
Bracelet five ---$4.50
Bracelet six --- $3