Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My new website

Today was a funny day ! Hahaha why?? Wanna know why ? Recently I get to know of a Japanese frenz n all along I thought she was a female ! As u know male rarely sells items right ? So I sent out three apparels to my jap fren ,  a hello kitty cap, a shirt n a female wallet ! Then tonight , I was taken aback when I discovered that my jap fren was a male ! Omgggg ! This is so funny ! Hope he could give the items to his family members if he has one !

Anyway today I   had paid shopify to host my items on their server ! So u guys can view my launch there in future but don't forget this website as well okay ? Coz I love this blogspot too ! Actually I don't want to incur extra costs like this every month to host my website there but 没办法u guys always have difficulty viewing my blogspot for my launch ! 
My new website link is :) 

So do stay tune to my mini launch over there on 15.8.2014! 9.30pm! 

And I am also holding a flea on 23, 24 of August at junction ten from 11 am to 6pm! I will be there until 2.30pm while my helpers  will stay longer ! :) so do come down n support me ! I won't be there on 24 August but my helpers will be there ! 
I intend to sell diff types of cage bra at $8 each n all apparels at ???? each ! ! If u buy three apparels on that day , I will give u a small box of goodies !! Snacks n sweetsssss , may include Tokyo banana or kitkats too :) I really love the kitkats ! Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!! For the price of the apparels I m still deciding ! I will try to sell them at a cheap n affordable price !!! Will announce next Monday alright ? 

Hope to see u guys at junction 10 flea ! Maybe will invite plaaastic GG over ! She will be leaving Singapore end of the year ! Kinda sad huh when u know a new fren n he or she is going away ! 

Sign off here n nitezzzz 

Friday, 8 August 2014

8.8.2014 Mega launch

Note :
1. Postage is not free Unless u spend 35 dollars on today launch ! 
2. Lovelyitemss will be given u a free LV inspired wallet when u spend 35 dollars on today launch ! 
3. Lovelyitemss helpers will be delivering to various location mrt station every sat if u spend $12 and above ! 

Restock this fuck off top at $8.80
Teenagers from mars top at $13.50! Is a top design by Korea ! Once sold will not be restocked for this piece ! Come in various colours . Pics below
White only 
Left one piece of ain't Laurent top at $9! 
All caps at $8.80 each ( cheap cheap ) 
In black n white at $8.80!
Yellow n pink necklace above at $5 each 
$5 each 
Horse necklace in silver n gold at $7.50! ( check out miyoc store n u will know I sell v cheap ) 

Floral top in orange at $11! 
Blue floral top at $11! Shorts at $12.90! ( Ptp 34cm n down 38cm) 
Floral black Pants at $12! 
Mental tee at $9! (Ptp:44cm) 
Floral white top at $12.50! V nice piece ! (Ptp36cm) 
Shorts come in small medium n large at $12.90( small is 33cm across , medium is 34cm n lager is 36cm )
Black long dress at $18! U can wear to a dinner ! 
Floral dress at $12! 
Blue floral sleeveless top at $8.80 ! Come in purple too :) for small size people 
Floral top at $8.80 ( Ptp: 46cm) 
Top at $8.80! 
Floral dress w attached white n grey cardigan at $15! 
Xoxo top or dress at $13! ( Ptp 46cm n down 73cm down ) 
Beach top at $11! ( w Zara tag ) (Ptp:48cm n down 40cm ) 
(Ptp 34cm across )
Pink floral top at $9

Tinkle bell top comes in white n pink at $14! 

Happy shopping :) 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sad or ?? I have no idea hahahahha

For those who had seen my posts yesterday on my Instagram would know what happened ! . When I first get her to model , I really love her as my model! Many followers said she is v pretty n she pulls off my clothings v well ! They dropped me msgs complimenting her ! So I got her the second time for my mega collection which is going to be launched tmr !  

I like her a lot ! And my many followers on my Instagram knew I have brought her way up ! Make her shine like a star ! 

As u know she took part in a competition n wanna clinch the selfie queen title ! So she asked me to get my followers to like her post ( for ur info , the greatest likes will win ) ! So I did on my food account but not on my lovelyitemss account ! To be honest , my followers are my greatest friends! They really helped me out !  everyday she will whatsapp me panickingly that she is lagging ! She wanna gain fame a lot ! I gave her a lot of encouragement n told her is okay if she loses . I told her maybe she could clinch miss teenage award instead or other titles ! (I really have confidence in her ! )She become mad in msgs ! I guess she really wanna the title badly ! My friend said she is v rude while I was oblivious to it ! She continued w all those crazy msgs ! N said she wanna gain haters now , asking me to post up the convo ! So I did ! When I deleted , she asked me why I deleted ?? We weren't quarreling for ur info ! She just annoying me w all those MSGs ! I got a bit flared at that time becoz I was actually sick for a week ! 

Some started to whatsapp me that now I finally see her true colours ! This is their MSG " u make her shine like star! Shine like shit " They do not understand why I love her so much ! She had offended many people ! Actually I knew it long ago , but I was doing my job as a seller n I think she has the look n features  so I just ignored it ! Everyone has their flaws , nobody is perfect ! Only God is ! Haiz !!! 

I was really sad ! Not becoz I lost her as my model but sad that such things happened ! I have many followers that are pretty too so anytime I can get one ! Even if I don't get model to model my clothings , I still can sell them leh :)) 

Today  I need to clarify to everyone ! We are still friends ! We actually did not quarrel , is she just went crazy w her msgs ! I think she need to rectify her temper that all ! N maybe change for a better character ! That would make her a great person  ! She needs to be patient ! Slow to anger n abounding in steadfast love to everything ! Kids do make mistake same goes to adults :) if u were to ask her , I really treat her v well , I don't think she would deny that ! I gave her nice perfume from Korea etc! 

Sad here that i would miss her poses in future ! All the best to her future endeavours ! Though she may lose the selfie title but 
I still feel that she can clinch other title  ! All the best to her ! 

Thank u to all my friends on Instagram for ur concern ---foxedroses , Rebekah peh ,almightybel, Leon n cherylbaobao  , Pastelskull etc and all for loving me ! 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Four great people

There are four people that I love to get for advert ! Who are the they ? 
1. Plaaastic 
She is someone that really has her uniqueness ! She just could  amazingly pull off ur clothings damn well ! Can I use the word damn , freaking ? The ordinary piece of top can turn out like a branded piece ! If one day I open a shop , I definitely get her for opening ceremony ! Muahhaha ! And u know what , no word can describe my praise for her ! She is v humble n friendly young gal ! Super talented ! If I can have a child , I wish to have her as a kid ! Sometimes back when I chanced upon her on Instagram , the first impression she gave me was "oh my gosh , she looks fierce n mysterious !" But when u get to know her in real life , she is just so friendly ! N u guys know I don't need to flatter anyone to survive or to earn a living ! If I don't do well in my biz , I will migrate to Melbourne n stay in Victoria n do some simple job like teaching ! Love plaaastic a lot ! 

And jianhao definitely is someone u can get for advert of ur biz ! Is worth paying for it becoz he brought ur biz across to many people ! Worth investing :) definitely will get him again for my next male apparel launch if possible ! Jianhao is also a nice person when u work w him ! I love his latest YouTube clip the zombie one ! That my favourite so far ! Anyone wants to join me for the runforyourlife thingy ? Seems so fun ! I never go for such in my life coz I used to be v timid before !!! Now I m braveeeee!! Hahaha 
Here is shelia tan ! U guys should know her ! A public figure like her who is humble n nice ! No sign of arrogance in her at all ! Friendly n pretty ! And she models my clothings damn well ! Whenever my customers saw her in those tops , they just want me to bring in again when out of stocks ! 
I love her as a fren and also as my customer ! May she be blessed bountifully in the media world !! :) love her many many many :)) 
4. Is boywithamask on Instagram! 
Leon aka boywithamask is a v humble teenager ! Should I say more humble than his gf ! Yes he is ! I m honest ! Getting him to do an advert is cheap n Leon is v nice ! He will drop me a MSG " how ? Did my advert bring u sale ? I don't want just to earn ur money ! " even if it does not help , those words already warmed my heart ! V nice chap ! He can be the next sg pop star leh ! Unfortunately Leon does not want fame , he just wants to concentrate on his studies ! 
Hahhaa ! All the best to his future ! 

Above is my sharing w u guys ! Thank u for reading :) I love all my customers ! They are also the ones that introduce my biz to their friends ! I cannot list them down here ! There are too many ! 


Thank u once again to all for supporting my biz !