Wednesday, 10 September 2014

20 facts about me

I was tagged by yukime to pen down 20 facts about myself !

I. 我呱呱落地是二月。
2. My real name is Audrey yap ! But I prefer my customers to call me Velle ! 
3. My favourite animal is puppy 
4. My favourite colours are mint n sky blue ! 
5. I love my online biz ! I enjoy it so much 
6. Travelling n eating are my passion
7. I m short 158cm only 
8. I have a house full of dog plushies
9. I know Jesus Christ in the year of 2006
10. I own a shop named icyvelle in the year 2006 which was a complete failure ! So all my savings from teachings goes Down the drain from there ! 
11. My dream now is to own a small cafe that sells unique drink n pastry ! 
12. When I was little , I have fear of death , darkness n devil ! But now I have overcome them through Christ ! 
13. My favourite verse in the Bible is " ask and U shall be given ! " He my lord , has grant me a lot of my heart desire except one ! I ask him to bless me w that man I love but He did not ! So that is the only one that was not fulfilled ! I guess is God will ! So I decided to stay single for the rest of my life ! Muahhahahahaha !! 
14. I love Toastbox! 
15. I have been to many buffets in sg ! 
16. My favourite country is Japan ! I also love USA n Korea!! 
17. The country I go most of the time is china 
18. I want to explore Cambodia one day ! 
19. I love Instagram app a lot ! 
20. My wish is to travel round the world to help the poor ! To bless them w what I have ! But I have to wait for God to pour His Manna on me ! Shower his blessings !!! 

Yoooo !! Be blessed everyone ! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Results for the Harry potter giveaways

Ten winners ! Each winners get two pack of Harry potter jelly beans ! 
Please collect at yishun or pay for postage ! 
The winners are : 
The fashion closet
Mmt4soha driver
Kaiying txt
Cloudy squishy

Thank u for participating !!! 

Look out for the next giveaways !